Make professional learning fun and practical

digital tools

Ready-to-go Digital Tools
to make professional learning fun & practical

Authoring Tool
Authoring tool
Authoring tool
Intelligent Simulations
Authoring tool

Practice-based modules
that help stay updated
long after the training is done

Enjoy collaborating and solving problems

knowledge sharing platforms

Knowledge Sharing platforms
to enjoy collaborating & solving problems

3D Design Thinking simulator
Authoring tool
Authoring tool
Sustainability education

Involve & engage your people in sustainability

Sustainability education & analytics
to help public, private & social sectors
improve awareness & impact

ESG Simulator & Analytics
Authoring tool
Sustainability Education Games
Authoring tool

Help teams easily understand your message

Expertise-based training services
to help teams easily understand your message
& apply learning at work

Expertise-based training services to help teams easily understand your message & apply learning at work

Creating Learning Games & Simulations
Authoring tool
Simulation-based workshops
Authoring tool

Aktrea makes learning & collaboration more interesting using games,simulations & A.I.

Aktrea is one of "20 Most Promising A.I. Solution Providers 2018" by CIOReview. | We have launched our game authoring tool – Aktrea Gameplan! | Aktrea has become a global signatory of the UN “Women's Empowerment Principles" of WEPs | Our Learning Games Library is now live! |

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50% of Industry average


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The Aktrea Difference

Our solutions blend learning, engagement and technology

Problems we solve for Leaders


How can I communicate our strategy to all the employees of our company in a practical manner?

HR Leader

How do we engage employees and make them agents of the change in our organization?

Head of Compliance

How can I increase awareness of new regulations with all our employees in a short time frame?

Head of Strategy & Transformation

How can I make my teams Agile & Design Thinking ready?

Head of Sales

How can I engage our salesforce spread across multiple locations on a regular basis?

Chief Diversity Officer

How can I educate & align our leaders on our latest diversity principles?

Chief Learning Officer

How can I convert our existing knowledge base into interactive modules that can engage the millennial workforce?

Corporate Social Responsibility Teams

How do I make my employees share my vision of giving back to the community?

Head of Technology

How can all employees quickly understand and adopt new platforms?

Global Business Head

How can I make our customers aware of our new product offerings?

Association Board

How can we attract more members by conveying the benefits of our professional association?

Chief Operating Officer

How can I improve suppliers involvement in my training programmes?

Adding value to the Social Sector

Civil Society Organizations

Our customized education & community sharing platforms can help groups increase the impact of their work through increased awareness and knowledge sharing.