Free Pilot Terms & Conditions

1. The Free Pilot Program (“Free Pilot”) is an initiative owned and delivered by Aktrea Capital Pte. Ltd and its related entities and partners (“Aktrea”).

2. The Free Pilot is awarded and delivered solely at the discretion of Aktrea and the decision of Aktrea and its authorized employees shall be final and binding in this regard.

3. The Free Pilot can be awarded to a maximum of one company per month based on a first-come, first-served basis and as deemed to be suitable by Aktrea.

4. To be eligible for the Free Pilot, the applicant for the Free Pilot (“Applicant”) should

a. apply for the same using the Registration Form provided on Aktrea’s website

b. be a company with at least 5000 full-time employees

c. use the Free Pilot for a training program that is intended to cater to at least 300 full-time employees

5. This scheme is not applicable to the existing clients of Aktrea.

6. Aktrea will design and develop this Free Pilot Program for up-to 30 users – the exact number of which shall be determined by Aktrea.

7. There is no purchase or payment necessary by the Applicant to be eligible for the Free Pilot.

8. The Applicant agrees that all work, software, knowhow, methodology and products developed by Aktrea as part of the Free Pilot shall be the Intellectual Property of Aktrea and no attempt will be made by the Applicant to reverse engineer, adapt or copy any part of the product and solution created by Aktrea.

9. The Free Pilot will be hosted on Aktrea’s website

10. The selected participant (“Recipient”) among various applicants will be intimated about its selection via an email by Aktrea after any such decision has been made, at the discretion of Aktrea.

11. Delivery of the Free Pilot to the Recipient by Aktrea shall be on subsequent acceptance of the Recipient to Aktrea’s Terms and Conditions of Service as per a separate agreement between the Recipient and Aktrea.

12. Aktrea has the rights to cancel the Free Pilot and any services provided in this connection at any point of time with or without prior notice to the Recipient.

13.  Aktrea reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of this Free   Pilot Program, at any time with or without prior notice.

14.  All matters and disputes arising out of or in relation to this Free Pilot Program shall be subject to Aktrea making the decision and all decisions made are final and shall be binding.

15.  Aktrea will deliver this Free Pilot Program on a best effort basis and in good faith, based on its available timelines and the participant does not control this timeline.

16. Aktrea’s delivery of the Free Pilot is subject to certain information, confidential or otherwise, to be given to Aktrea by the Recipient. Any non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements related to the Recipient’s confidential information can be mutually agreed upon by Aktrea and the Recipient.

17. Aktrea will deliver the Free Pilot as long as it is legally and regulatorily permissible in the country of the Recipient. If there is any legal or other objection by any third party to the provision of such services by Aktrea, Aktrea reserves the right to cancel any arrangement with the Recipient including delivery of the Free Pilot.

18. The Recipient preserves the right to refuse to accept the offer of the Free Pilot being made by Aktrea Free Pilot Program and no fine or penalty shall be charged for such refusal, except if the Recipient has breached the requirements under points 7 and 16.

19.  This Free Pilot is primarily a promotional initiative by Aktrea and shall not be held liable for any damages caused to any participant who acted on the basis of information provided in this regard on Aktrea’s website or in any communication, direct or otherwise, with Aktrea and its representatives.

20.  Aktrea will not entertain any dispute from any party on its decision on the Recipients of the Free Pilot. Aktrea’s decision in respect of all matters to do with the Free Pilot Program will be final, not be questioned, and no correspondence shall be entertained.

21.  All details and other restrictions of this Free Pilot Program not specified herein shall be determined by Aktrea at its sole discretion.