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Aktrea’s unique combination of methodology and technology ensures that you get the best out of your curriculum and align your learning with your strategy.


Gamified Learning

"It’s play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things



  It’s play that helps us do serious things better


          because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievement"



-Jake Orlowitz, Head of the Wikipedia Library



At Aktrea we help organizations build skills, increase awareness, increase compliance and engage people using our unique games and simulations based learning solutions. Our games and simulations are designed and developed to make content easy for participants to understand and implement in their daily work. Gamification engages employees of all ages, roles, genders, and industries, and drives knowledge across the board in a fun and engaging manner.

Our process

  • + Learn

    Our experts learn more about your company and your training needs.

  • + Design

    At our Instructional Design Studio, we create content or curate and customize existing content into an exciting and engaging module which work across language and system requirements.

  • + Develop

    We transform the design into cool applications at our unique Learning Game & Simulation Lab.

  • + Deliver

    Post your approvals we upload the training solution to your learning platform or host it on our platform.

Social Learning

 "Tell me and I forget.



   Teach me and I remember.


  Involve me and I learn."


-Benjamin Franklin, 6th President of Pennsylvania





  • Plan +

    Most learning communities fail because they do not articulate a shared purpose. Aktrea considers planning as the most critical element to the success of social learning.

  • Develop +

    We custom build a social platform that fits your company’s DNA.

  • Deliver +

    The social platform can be hosted in your company’s internal social network  or learning systems, or by us on our platform.

  • Monitor +

    Monitor performance of the community and also individual’s contribution.

People learn best when they socialize and interact with other learners. Aktrea helps organizations create more knowledgeable and engaged employees using social learning in an online community. Companies can encourage interaction and generate a culture of knowledge sharing among employees, tapping into hidden learnings and converting them into actual knowledge . Your entire organization's knowledge is organized, categorized, and available on demand using our solutions. Get insights on learning and performance of individuals and the community.

Our process

Organizational Learning

             "Information is a source of learning.


 But unless it is organized, processed, and available to the right people in a


                          format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit."


-William Pollard, Quaker writer and recorded minister



Employees are a storehouse of learnings – but in most companies, the experiences tend to be isolated in people’s minds and memory - valuable knowledge that is not shared with your organization unless a situation demands. Aktrea helps organizations to capture and curate knowledge from everyone in the business, enabling retention and transfer within the organization. We do this using our technology and with our strong understanding of how social networks functions. Employees will contribute and get inputs quickly, and the organization itself “learns”.

Our process

  • + Learn

    We learn about your company and your learning requirements.

  • + Develop

    We custom build a social platform that fits in your company’s DNA.

  • + Deliver

    The social platform can be hosted in your company’s learning platform or it can a stand alone platform.

  • + Action

    People in the organization can login to contribute, get help and to refer back to the data captured.