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Make your existing content more engaging and increase the usage of your LMS using gamification!


Simple Game Authoring Tool


Create your own gamified learning module in minutes!


Most organizations and bodies have great content, experiences and stories, but their formats (such as PDF and eLearning) are not engaging enough and hence the value of the content is not utilized completely.


Aktrea’s online authoring tool can help you easily create a gamified learning module. Whether you are educating 10 people or 10,000, feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the business.




Plug-n-play app for your LMS


Add cool learning games to your LMS!


Having an LMS alone is not sufficient to guarantee an experience your learners are going to enjoy. So how can you engage employees with online training with your existing LMS?


Aktrea’s plug-n-play API can add the gamification element to your LMS. Your teams can quickly add learning games and social learning features to your training curriculum without a large investment or a change in systems.

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Use our ready-to-go learning games & simulations designed for applying knowledge in the real world.


Digital Learning Games


Make training across different themes more fun with interactive and learning games!


Our learning games engage employees and make existing content easy to understand, practice and implement at work. We cover a range of topics including Compliance, Diversity, Onboarding, Mandatory Training and Ethics. The games are available standalone or as a complete suite.


Aktrea has been recognized as one of the “Top 20 gamification technology solution providers – 2017”.





Intelligent Simulations


Give your people interactive simulations that help them practice skills and decision making


Our customized Intelligent Simulations allows leaders to practice decision making and “Learning by Doing” for quick application on the job.


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Roleplay Simulations – puts participants in real-life situations which require critical thinking and test their application.


AI-based business simulations - allows leaders to collaborate, practice decision-making and apply creative solutions.


Design Thinking simulations - helps teams collaborate using Design Thinking to practice, ideate and solve day-to-day and strategic problems.


Group Simulations – puts participants in different roles and explores their decision-making, conflict management & collaboration.


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Our solutions


Our solutions

We can transform your content and communication campaigns into fun & engaging games. Your audience gets an experience created just for them with your DNA embedded. The digital modules we create are quick, value-for-money and high recall.


Strategy & Culture


Communicate strategy and build culture through fun digital modules.


Aktrea’s domain knowledge of business, strategy, regional and cultural diversity and change helps our experts as they work with you to understand, build and rollout solutions. We can help you build your strategy, vision and culture in your teams and increase awareness and relevance of key initiatives through awareness games and business simulations.





Convert Learning Content:

Watch your content become an engaging and interactive learning game!


Aktrea has been a thought and practice leader in gamification for learning. Our experts will go through your content, understand learning objectives and company DNA, and help curate and deliver a best-in-class learning game that can be rolled out quickly and with low cost.

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Aktrea helps organizations create more a knowledgeable and engaged workforce using social learning in an online learning community.


Practice Design Thinking At Work

Practise, collaborate and find solutions using Design Thinking at work!


Aktrea is pioneering the use of practice-based tools for knowledge sharing and collaboration using Design Thinking. Our unique Design Thinking Simulator helps teams work together virtually across locations and solve customer, process and work-related challenges.




Collaborate & Share Knowledge

Create change through the power of stories and knowledge sharing!


Aktrea has built and advanced the practice of “pay-it-forward” learning communities and agents of change. Our social learning community platform connects people and teams that are geographically spread, getting them to share stories, do activities together and share and learn in a fun and engaging manner.



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