Connecting People Through Learning


We use learning as the foundation to connect people. Every solution we provide is tailored to your specific requirements and outcomes. We specialize in creating fun, engaging, and innovative learning experiences that are retained longer and applied easily to work.


Build Skills

Aktrea’s solution to

build skills

The rapidly changing workplace and environment requires a skilled, knowledgeable and adaptive workforce with evolving learning needs.


We have the expertise to build the right skills and behaviour, developed from years of observation and practice around the world. Our digital modules work within attention spans of the workforce, and allow for continuous learning over a period of time. Periodic refreshers and updates allow employees to keep abreast of changes and developments and companies to understand how each employee is evolving in their skill set.


Our solutions help companies build skills in a timely, cost effective and focused manner.


We provide a wide range of Skills building training programs, including:


Functional: With new technical and functional advancements across every sphere, it is vital that your workforce continuously update their skills to meet the changing needs of the industry. We provide fun, practical and interactive training solutions to help organizations build technical skills for their employees.


Decision making:  Decision making is central to all work, and related training needs to be done in an environment in which there is no fear of failure, where the participant can push boundaries and  learn experientially. Our games and simulations are designed to train participants to make better decisions in a practical and engaging manner.

Create Awareness

In a digital world with reducing attention spans, firms and associations are challenged to find suitable solutions to increase awareness about issues, developments and activities both  internally and externally.


We help businesses around the world increase brand & product awareness among customers and stand out from competition. We work with leaders to increase awareness of developments and sensitive issues within their teams. We work with regulators and associations to spread industry-wide messages and foster change.


We help create customer and employee communities where members can participate  in activities together and learn socially. We create engaging learning games that help increase awareness and empathy to developments and issues.


For employees


We provide a wide range of solutions to create awareness among people, such as:


Onboarding process: We help companies on-board their new hires in a fun, engaging and effective way, preparing new hires to integrate seamlessly into the firm as well as help critical first impressions of the company.


Brand building: Our design studio can help custom-create simple games and simulations that showcase the value of your brand as well as help you stand out from competition, while obtaining important live data on customer behaviour and preferences.


Diversity initiatives: We design and create sustainable solutions to make employees conscious about sensitive issues involved in diversity, using gamification as a key element to make the training innovative, fun and interactive. We help companies create empowered, sensitive and empathetic employees.


Understanding new technology: Introducing a new technology in your workplace can be challenging for many – we can help companies around the world to orient employees on new technologies through fun simulations.


Benefits of Association membership: Various groups and associations can use our expertise in creating simple awareness games to grow their image as well as make their target audience more aware of the benefits of membership.

Aktrea’s solution to

create awareness

Increase Compliance

Aktrea’s solution to

increase compliance

Ensuring compliance to regulations, processes and practices remains one of the key challenges for CEOs around the world. As regulators lift standards that need to be met, companies have to find scalable cost effective solutions that increase empathy among employees and ensure a good periodic understanding of compliance requirements.


Aktrea’s Game & Simulation Engine designs and creates sustainable solutions in which participants play online learning games. going through various scenarios and making decisions based on what they have learnt. This gives them a feel of what it is to face such issues in real-life and hence enables them to be more aware, face complex issues and resolve situations in their work lives.


We provide a wide range of training to increase compliance, including:


Regulatory training: Quickly train employees to be aware of changing regulations using learning games and simulations. Our digital solutions are scalable and and can be quickly rolled out across geographies.


Ethics training:  We help your employees to learn, recognize common business ethics issues and the associated best practices to avoid personal and organizational pitfalls. Our solutions work because they are practical and they engage leaners.


Process training:  We help create increased awareness of processes and policies through ”learning-by-doing” modules that convert even the most mundane but important procedures into fun and engaging educational programmes.

Engage People

Aktrea with its expertise in using technology to connect people and with its strong understanding of how businesses and social networks function, helps organizations custom build solutions that fit their DNA, helping them build a collaborative and empowered workforce that act as agents of change in the organization.


Our collaboration platforms connect people and teams that are geographically spread, getting them to do activities together and learn socially in a fun and engaging manner.


For employees


We provide a wide range of training to engage your people, such as:


Communicating your strategy to your team: Strategies can be quite daunting, especially when they end up being complex powerpoint presentations that your hardworking team has little bandwidth to digest. We create fun and engaging games that help you reach your strategy out to every employee on your team.


Improving collaboration in your team: We increase the usage of your enterprise social network by providing content and digital solutions that help your teams do activities together – Learn,  Work on Projects,  Share & Teach, Solve Problems: and  Work &  Do Activities.


Aktrea’s solution to


strategies & increase