Social Sector

Community and social organizations can effectively use learning to enable change in society.

They need to

  • increase awareness about issues, rights, guidelines, social responsibilities and initiatives
  • build skills (technical and non technical)
  • create learning communities for people to collaborate & learn online, share experiences and find solutions.

  • Organizations need to involve multiple stakeholders in their journey of development. Training employees, stakeholders and volunteers effectively poses some challenges – the audience is sometimes spread out across wide geographical areas and levels of education and understanding of text and guidelines vary. While strong content exists in most cases, the textual or academic form could also pose challenges.

    At Aktrea, we help organizations in the social sector drive change using Digital Learning & Social Networks. We transform your existing content and best practices (guides, regulations, policies etc.) into exciting interactive training modules that engages participants and gives them a practical flavour. Social Learning Communities can help people collaborate, share and help each other solve problems.

    Banks & Financial Institutions

    In a fast paced and constantly evolving financial world, professionals need to continuously learn and practice skills and awareness of regulations and policies.

    Keeping up with changing financial regulations and increased pressure on business practices is challenging. Effectiveness matters now more than ever — especially when it comes to training the workforce in the financial community.

    Aktrea’s team, with over 90 collective years of experience in banking, finance and compliance can assist you in this journey by providing fun and practical training solutions. We use games and simulations based “learning-by-doing” that make content easy for participants to understand and implement in their daily work.


    The landscape of corporate training is changing. People’s attention spans are low. Technology has become increasingly important and training has moved online.

    Millennials, who live online, have become a larger part of the workforce. Corporates need to address these challenges by deploying training programs that are better, faster, on-demand and digital.

    Aktrea can assist you in this journey by providing fun and practical training solutions tailored for your unique needs and challenges. We work with some of the largest corporates in the world, across industries to provide cutting edge learning and collaboration solutions.

    Our solutions address needs of CEOs, Heads of HR, CFOs, Sales and Business Managers, Team Leaders, CTOs, Learning Managers and Compliance officers.

    Regulators & Government Bodies

    Regulatory Authorities and Government bodies need to train their employees, industry participants and regulated bodies.

    Training areas include ethical practices, regulations and skills that will benefit the industry and community.

    Ensuring that constituents are aware and understand latest standards and regulations is critical for these entities to remain in compliance and prevent any repercussions for the industry and country. Regulators and Government bodies need a training method that can deliver this type of content in a manner which increases the understanding and practicality of the content.

    At Aktrea, we custom-create training modules based on your existing content such as regulations and guidelines by transforming them into online games or simulations at our Learning Games Lab – this makes learning more fun, interactive and engaging for learners and the community.



    Reduce cost of your training program

    We do more for less, We reduce cost of your training program by drastically decreasing your travel expenses, as our solutions are online, We reduce your internal payroll on trainers as we provide end to end solutions( from content development to delivery). Our training material is made available online for a quick reference which reduces the cost of printing hard copies of the training material, our solutions are not just cheaper but also greener. We eliminate classroom & infrastructure rentals.

    Communicate strategy to your team

    We help companies communicate their strategy to their employees in a way they can easily understand. We use games & simulations and interactive training modules to communicate strategy. We provide behaviour and performance insights of every individual that will ensure your employees are clear and aligned on the strategy.

    Increase compliance focus among employees

    Learning compliance through traditional methods involves a lot of time and money. At Aktrea, we break this pattern by making training more fun and engaging – short modules that can be done on-the-go. “Learning-by-doing” helps participants understand and learn concepts easily and put them into practice.

    Quickly roll-out a new global programme

    We help organizations address the need for rapid development and roll-out of content and training to a large audience. Our digital solutions are highly customizable which makes it easy to get you up and running quickly with minimum effort without compromising on quality.

    Engage employees across teams

    We have the expertise in connecting people using technology to improve engagement and learning in the organization. Our web based application Akt-On Social Includes Sharing, Notifications, making Commitments, and providing Solutions to other team members seeking help.

    Have more "learning-by-doing" in learning curriculum

    We design learning curriculums with “learning-by-doing” as the foundation. Our solutions put participants in real time scenarios where they learn by doing the activities which they will face in their day to day job. Our approach to designing training curriculum will help participants engage, learn and also retain their learning for the future.

    To know more about how your organization can achieve these benefits