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Games & Simulation library We have an easy & ready-to-use library of training games and simulations that can help keep employees engaged, while reducing the time that your team spends on rolling out and monitoring the training

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Design & Build Service Aktrea has built core expertise in converting content into an exciting game or simulation. Using our intelligent technology and our creative instructional design team, our solutions use the latest technology and are intended to engage and educate.
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Aktrea Gameplan Authoring Tool Aktrea has developed a simple game authoring tool with which you can create a gamified online learning module in minutes using your existing content. You could easily create and add games to the Gameplan library or integrate with your LMS.

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Data & Insights Dashboard We realize the immense power of people-related data for leadership & decision making, and have consciously built in strong analytics capability into our platform. The dashboard is modular and can be easily customized to suit your requirements.

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Aktrea is one of "20 Most Promising A.I. Solution Providers 2018" by CIOReview. | We have launched our game authoring tool – Aktrea Gameplan! | Aktrea has become a global signatory of the UN “Women's Empowerment Principles" of WEPs | Our Learning Games Library is now live! |

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Aktrea at ATD 2019!

Visit Booth No 140 at the Association of Training & Development (ATD) conference in DC - May 20-22 2019! We’re showcasing some our coolest work.

20 most promising A.I. service providers!

CIOReview has featured us as one of the 20 Most Promising A.I. service providers – read about how we’re changing the game in professional education & sustainability

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The Aktrea Difference

Our solutions blend learning, engagement and technology

Problems we solve for Leaders


How can I communicate our strategy to all the employees of our company in a practical manner?

HR Leader

How do we engage employees and make them agents of the change in our organization?

Head of Compliance

How can I increase awareness of new regulations with all our employees in a short time frame?

Head of Strategy & Transformation

How can I make my teams Agile & Design Thinking ready?

Head of Sales

How can I engage our salesforce spread across multiple locations on a regular basis?

Chief Diversity Officer

How can I educate & align our leaders on our latest diversity principles?

Chief Learning Officer

How can I convert our existing knowledge base into interactive modules that can engage the millennial workforce?

Corporate Social Responsibility Teams

How do I make my employees share my vision of giving back to the community?

Head of Technology

How can all employees quickly understand and adopt new platforms?

Global Business Head

How can I make our customers aware of our new product offerings?

Association Board

How can we attract more members by conveying the benefits of our professional association?

Chief Operating Officer

How can I improve suppliers involvement in my training programmes?

Adding value to the Social Sector

Civil Society Organizations

Our customized education & community sharing platforms can help groups increase the impact of their work through increased awareness and knowledge sharing.