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Lock horns with the best in the business and learn & deploy simple communications skills in this exciting adventure - navigate the pyramids to be ahead of the game

Target Titan


Let your people enjoy the journey of learning about your products, in a flexible format that you can update whenever you upgrade your products

The Hike

Multi-player Team Game

Get your teams together and break online learning fatigue! Participants explore the downstream impact of their decisions in an engaging, high adrenalin online game



As Sherlock, hired by a global firm to prevent attacks by crime syndicate Moriarty, you travel the world, explore various elements of compliance and help colleagues keep things safe

Sherlock Holmes: Global Investigator

Data Privacy & InfoSec

A billionaire's son has been kidnapped. As Inspector Lestrade, you unlock different aspects of information usage and uncover the plot

Lestrade's longings


Companies around the world are facing issues related to the UN SDGs. As Earth's resident superhero, you help various stakeholders around the world solve corporate sustainability challenges

Commander Planet


Learn and apply 3d Design Thinking at work - run hackathons, solve real life problems and get teams together using a method employed by the most innovative companies

DT Simulator

Problem Solving

Your city is under attack by evil forces - as Mayor, save your city and align it with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)



Explore various levels of communication in this exciting adventure through pyramids of old

Pyramids Progress

Conflict Management

Explore how to align goals and resolve conflicts as a colleague and manager in this high pressure, high voltage experience (Q4 2020)

20,000 leagues under the sea


Today’s world contains conflicting and complex dimensions. This module allows leaders to practise some of their skills in different situations and apply these learnings at the workplace (Q4 2020)

Pandora's Box


Use this exciting and customizable 100-day journey to give your new hires an immersive and engaging first impression and a positive onboarding experience.

Around the world in 100 days

Diversity & Inclusion

Organizational Diversity & INclusion (ODIN) Troubled with the workplace diversity issues on his favourite planet, Earth, superhero Odin comes in to help improve our Diversity & Inclusion practices.



Take Minerva’s help to identify and manage different sexual harassment situations at the workplace – and explore how you can respond as a potential victim, witness or confidante.


Unconscious Bias

Mars is being colonized, and aims to be an equal, diverse and inclusive society. Explore your awareness of biases through engaging exercises. Will you be on that first spacecraft that goes out?

Bias Board

PoSH (India)

This interactive module equips your teams with an increased awareness of the PoSH Act (India), through real-life situations and practical tools. You can also customize this to your company’s policies.

Mars Mission

Mental Health

Explore a new world with Alice and make people happy - in this traditional board game format - which card will you draw? (Q4 2020)

Alice in Wonderland

Basics of Finance

How well do you know your finance and treasury function? This simple module allows you to ramp up you awareness of key concepts and unlock your treasures

Treasure Hunt

Process Management

Explore different aspects of your processes and changes and display the acumen of Hercules across different situations

7 tasks of Hercules

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